How do you replace something you never had?

How do you replace something you've never had?

How do you replace something you never had? In my recovery from trauma that goes back to at least my early days on Earth, I’ve been relentless in my pursuit of knowledge and understanding of what ails me. I’ve spent the greater parts of several decades pursuing answers to questions that eluded me: And I’ve sought […]

Let the air get at it – you’ll be fine

Image of band-aid let the air get to it

When I was a little kid, my Mom was the one to apply First Aid on cuts and scratches I acquired on the playground or the baseball field or wherever adventurous and curious kids like me went. But in some cases, she did nothing. For some of my dust-ups, she’d take a look at the […]

Serve and protect

Photo by Fred Moon on Unsplash

What’s worse? A man who abandons his children and never comes back? Or a father who’s present in body but absent in spirit and attention? My father was a good, kind man. He was the youngest child in his family, the baby. He was raised by a cold, European woman who lost her husband and […]

My recovery story – the therapy couch

Picture of a therapy couch

My Story My name is RJ, and I was an incest victim at the hands of my mother. The incest occurred when I was young, up until the age of 7. Although the sexual aspects of her abuse stopped around the age of 7, she still viewed me more like her cuddle toy than her […]

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