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Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse, Gaslighting, Codependency and Complex PTSD

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Linda Hill Complex PTSD workbook included in the 4 book set that covers Narcissistic Abuse, Gaslighting, Codependency and Complex PTSD

This groundbreaking, therapist-recommended book includes four books (workbooks and guides) that will teach you from start to finish, everything you need to know about Narcissistic Abuse, Gaslighting, Codependency and Complex PTSD, as well as how to recover from each one of them.

Book 1: Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

✔️ Learn about different types of narcissists, their personalities, and how they behave so you can spot them.
✔️ Discover what manipulation tactics narcissists and other toxic people practice to keep you close and how to break free.
✔️ Learn how to transform your mindset so you have strength to remove yourself from the toxic relationship.
✔️ Understand how to recover from the trauma caused by the relationship with a narcissist.
✔️ Identify strategies to get on, and stay on, the recovery path and become mentally tough.
✔️ Learn how to stop attracting narcissists to ensure any future relationships are healthy ones.
✔️ And much, much more…

Book 2: Gaslighting

✓ Understand what gaslighting, love bombing and other tactics of abuse the narcissist uses.
✓ Learn how to break free and recover from narcissistic abuse.
✓ Read real-world scenarios and phrases between the narcissist and the victims in romantic relationships, friendships, families, the workplace, and more.
✓ Identify the 10 stages of gaslighting which are used to gain control of the victim – how and why it works.
✓ Understand simple yet effective strategies to protect yourself from being manipulated and abused.
✓ Learn important ways to heal and move on in your relationships regardless of what has happened.
✓ And much, much more…

Book 3: Codependency Recovery Workbook

✓ Investigate the 5 primary causes of codependency that may be the root of your symptoms and powerful strategies to deal with them.
✓ Understand “The Giver” and “The Taker” roles and how they contribute to the unhealthy dynamic of the relationship.
✓ Read common scenarios of codependent relationships and dialogues to help you understand what it looks like in real life.
✓ Take the Codependency Quiz so you can look at your relationship and find codependent tendencies, change your behaviors, and build better relationships.
✓ Learn what the 6 types of boundaries are, how to set them without feeling guilty, and how not to relapse.
✓ Discover the 7-step plan and learn powerful strategies that will help you recover from being in a codependent relationship
✓And much, much more…

Book 4: Linda Hill Complex PTSD workbook

✔️ Learn what Complex PTSD is, where it comes from, and how it differs from PTSD.
✔️ Discover examples and exercises designed to teach you effective strategies to uncover and overcome past traumatic events.
✔️ Learn tools to help you rewire your mind so you can overcome the fear and pain that accompany distressing situations.
✔️ Read insightful prompts and reflections to help you work through C-PTSD and regain emotional control.
✔️ Learn how to stop avoidance techniques you are subconsciously using in daily life which only keep you from progressing.
✔️ And much, much more…

Recognizing the problem is the first step towards recovery, but you must take action, and you must take it now.

This workbook and guide will help change your mindset so that you can set yourself free but only you can take action.

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About the author

Linda Hill

Linda Hill is a bestselling, therapist-endorsed author and life coach who focuses on writing about mental health, relationships, personal growth and stress management. Linda Hill's books have been recommended by psychotherapist John Boswell, MSW, LCSW, who specializes in the treatment...

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