Recovery from Complex PTSD From Trauma to Regaining Self Through Mindfulness & Emotional Regulation Exercises

Recovery from Complex PTSD From Trauma to Regaining Self Through Mindfulness & Emotional Regulation Exercises by Don Barlow

Recovery from Complex PTSD and Complex Trauma is a long journey, but the rewards you’ll reap along the way will keep you moving forward.

In Recovery from Complex PTSD, you will discover:

● What Complex PTSD is and how it differs from the more commonly known PTSD

● How to rewrite the narrative of your life to overcome negative self-concept and regain control over your life

● The Loop of Traumatization: how your brain creates a survival-based narrative that dictates your thoughts and behaviors

● How understanding the causes of complex trauma can allow you to overcome the fear and pain that accompany distressing experiences

● What it means when you consistently experience disturbed interpersonal relationships

● The avoidance techniques you are unconsciously employing in your daily life that protect you but are also keeping you stagnant

● How you can build an accurate sense of self that isn’t formed by the events from your past

You know what helplessness feels like.

The paralysis of panic, the loss of control.

What it’s time for you to learn, is that these feelings aren’t forever.

You are capable of transforming the way you experience life and in turn, change the lives of the people who care about you most.

About Don Barlow

Don Barlow is the author of several self-help books; he wishes to share his experience and gained knowledge with readers to help those with similar experiences to:

• Know they are not alone,

• Identify their symptoms, and

• Take back control of their lives

• Achieve a sense of freedom and self-worth.

Growing up with a manipulative and abusive parent, he spent many years dealing with mood swings, anxiety, panic attacks and other symptoms associated with abuse.

Recognizing his symptoms were those of gaslighting and PTSD, he began to research these topics and others, and through years of research and conducting case studies, he was able to learn valuable strategies for coping with and healing from his trauma.


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