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Empath and Narcissist

 Author: Michelle Bright

Empath and Narcissist by Michelle Bright

From Michelle Bright:

Are you feeling depleted of your energy when around overbearing and dominating people?

Do you often feel like your relationship has come to a point of non-understanding?

Do you absorb other people’s emotions and would you like to defend yourself from their emotional abuses?

If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, chances are that you are an Empath, like me.

And if you are an empath, it is likely that you, like me, have attracted someone in your life that psychology would define as a narcissist.

Narcissists and empaths can be the most toxic combination one can ever come across.

An empath is a person with a strong need to feel compassion and empathy for others, with the grandiose ability to tune into others’ emotions.

This makes empaths vulnerable to the “energy vampires” that they inevitably attract, due to their natural ability to provide for others.

An empath is often misunderstood, and when this misunderstanding enters a relationship, the couple goes through a critical moment, and the empath is often the one who gets the worst out of the situation.

But I’m here to tell you that you can turn your life around.

We have a great gift to share with the world, and once we realize it we can gather the tools to shout Stop! and start a new, happy life, loved by the ones that are worthy of our attention.

If you think you have entered into contact with a narcissist, in Empath and Narcissist I will give you ways of life, methods, and strategies to cope with the situation and come out a winner.

Inside this book you will learn:

  • Who an empath really is and what kind of empath you are
  • Be aware of your vulnerabilities and how to turn awareness into power
  • What is a narcissist and how to understand you’re dealing with one
  • Recognize psychological gaslighting. And how to deflect unjust blame
  • The 8 steps to handle a narcissist
  • What to do in case of codependency, and how to process the Codependency Addiction Recovery steps
  • Who is and how to deal with one of the most dangerous individuals in society, the Dark Empath
  • Self-discipline and mental toughness to learn to become stronger and pursue any kind of success you’re after
  • How to reestablish empathy in the couple

Empath and Narcissist by Michelle Bright

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About the author

Michelle Bright

Are you an empath looking to recover from narcissistic abuse and toxic relationships?   If so, Michelle Bright is an author to consider reading about. The Universe talks and Michelle Bright was still young when she started to listen. An Empath...

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