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From Reiner Hartmann

I was born on Sunday, the 8th of March, 1967, in Bologna, Italy.

My childhood, as far as I can remember, was peaceful. Of course, there were a few bouts of craziness, which is expected of young people trying to find their little place in the world. But otherwise, I had a pretty normal life with a normal job and friendships.

Until the age of 27, when something changed inside me.

Routine began to weigh on me, and the reins of normality started to tighten. My mind hungered for something different, something that movies and TV series could no longer satiate.

In my search, I rediscovered the pleasure of reading one page at a time.

Every word I read seemed to veer my life off course, just by a few degrees, an almost imperceptible movement.

The more I experienced this change, the more I regained balance with my body, first and then my mind.

I spent every spare second reading up on the world of wellness and healthy eating. Then I discovered psychology. The motivational levers became fascinating, and I learnt more daily, pushing myself to grow physically and mentally.

Without realising it, I became a little art expert. And no, not the art of museums; the art of healthy, energetic, full living.

Over the years, I have shared my passion for the food of body and mind with thousands of people.

My goal is simple: to provide you with everything I have discovered and am continuing to discover, thereby making your climb less steep.

They say that a long journey begins with the first step; I am convinced that it begins with the first page.

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