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Top CPTSD Books from leading Complex PTSD Authors

Julie Brown Yau has a 33-year background in psychological, somatic, and spiritual traditions, which provides a unique depth of knowledge and experience.

Born from a fascination of what lies below our conscious awareness, and how trauma shapes our lives, Julie gained a PhD in somatic depth psychology, and master’s degrees in both spiritual psychology and depth psychology.

She specializes in developmental, inherited, and shock trauma, and have studied and taught with some of the leading experts in the field of trauma and somatics today.

She is also  a Dream Pattern Analyst and a trained yoga teacher.

Julie Brown Yau is an authorized teacher of the Tantric Eastern lineage tradition Sri Vidya, of which she offer courses and individual training.

The combination of resolving trauma and spiritual practice can help us to both develop and grow into a profound sense of wholeness while discovering our true nature.

Best CPTSD Books

Recovery Stories

These recovery stories illuminate the courage of individuals seeking treatment for C-PTSD. 

Through therapeutic interventions, self-discovery, and a steadfast commitment to healing, these narratives showcase the possibility of reclaiming one’s life. 

Each story is a testament to the strength within, inspiring hope and emphasizing the significance of comprehensive, personalized treatment approaches in navigating the complexities of C-PTSD and ultimately achieving meaningful recovery.

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