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Top CPTSD Books from leading Complex PTSD Authors

Debbie Mirza is a bestselling author, speaker, restorative coach (trained by Dr. Martha Beck), and a singer/songwriter.

She has a tender heart for people who have experienced narcissistic abuse.

She has experienced the covert type of narcissistic abuse throughout her life, in many types of relationships.

After waking up to this realization she spent many years researching this relatively unknown type of emotional and psychological abuse and working on her own healing.

This eventually led her to write her second book, The Covert Passive Aggressive Narcissist: Recognizing the Traits and Finding Healing After Hidden Emotional and Psychological Abuse.

After hearing from so many people how much this book helped them, coaching others, and reading posts from survivors in her support group, she saw the need to create more resources for understanding and healing and now dedicates her time to doing just that.

Debbie has been interviewed on several podcasts and online conferences, and has created online courses, guided meditations, as well as writing other books to help with the healing process.

During her own healing, she went through a period of much isolation where she spent a lot of time in nature and at home taking care of her heart.

It was during this time that she wrote and recorded songs that would bring her and others calm, love, and tenderness.

She named the CD, Soul Rising, as she felt her own soul rising to the surface as she healed fragmented parts of herself.

Debbie currently lives in Colorado but is opening her heart to finding a new home closer to dolphins, to honor the girl inside her that has dreamed of this her whole life.

Best CPTSD Books

Recovery Stories

These recovery stories illuminate the courage of individuals seeking treatment for C-PTSD. 

Through therapeutic interventions, self-discovery, and a steadfast commitment to healing, these narratives showcase the possibility of reclaiming one’s life. 

Each story is a testament to the strength within, inspiring hope and emphasizing the significance of comprehensive, personalized treatment approaches in navigating the complexities of C-PTSD and ultimately achieving meaningful recovery.

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